Program Features and Benefits

We Protect your valuable information with EndpointLock™

EndpointLock™ keystroke encryption software protects everything you type from invisible keylogging spyware, a leading component used in identity theft. Keystroke Encryption changes the face of identity theft protection, by eliminating the problem where it begins, at the keyboard. Keyloggers infect your devices when clicking on links inside emails, using social media or surfing the web. They steal your logins, credit cards, banking information, emails, and other personal information. EndpointLock™ keystroke encryption protects from ALL keylogging spyware, even those unknown or undetected by antivirus.

  • Plan covers 3 devices.

  • Patented technology guaranteed to block the capture of keystrokes. 

  • Compatible with: PC: Windows 7, 8 and 10, Mac OS X, Mobile: Android and iOS  

  • Guaranteed to block the capture of keystrokes on any PC or mobile device

  • Patented keystroke protection method

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What is Keystroke Encryption?

With the CyberIDLock Plan, you get our own unique patented product called EndpointLock™, which encrypts everything you type so it can never get into the wrong hands through your online activity. Unlike Anti-virus, which can only identify and protect you from known-threats, EndpointLock blocks ALL keylogging spyware from stealing your keystrokes including those that are unknown and undetectable by anti-virus. Once you discover how Endpointlock Secure Keyboard protects everything you type from spying eyes, you won't 
know how you every lived without it. Now you can relax while using business devices for shopping online, accessing business banking, entering usernames and passwords and sending personal emails and texts. All you sensitive information will be protected!

Your secret weapon against a breach