Why Cyber IDLock?

Cybercrime has reached epidemic proportions these days and with the latest Equifax breach, which compromised over 143 million people, it is important to be prepared for what's ahead.

What is identity theft and what can occur if your identity gets into the wrong hands?

Your identity is more than just your name. If breached, it can be used to steal credit card data, banking information, medical insurance and other types of valuable information.

Our mission is to equip the consumer with the best tools to help protect them from getting hacked in the first place and insure they won't be financially devastated if identity theft does occur.  

First, you need to understand that stolen identity information could remain dormant for years after a breach and there is no way of knowing when it will be sold and or used for economic gains. All you can do is protect yourself and your family by staying one step ahead and using the the best cyber security tools available. 

Simple solutions, that work

Keylogging spyware has been found to be a major component in a majority of breaches. It's used to steal everything from passwords to entire identities. Cyber IDLock™ works by first helping to protect your keystrokes from keylogging spyware. Next, our systems keep a watchful eye on your identity and alert you of any suspicious findings. Finally, we are so confident in our plan, that we back it up with a $1,000,000 Personal ID Theft Policy. With Cyber IDLock™. You will have peace of mind that you're protected regardless of the type of identity fraud occurs including medical, financial and criminal as well as acts of terrorism. 

Identity theft can be emotionally and financially draining. Get the best in protection with Cyber IDLock™.