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Your credentials were not found on the Dark Web, however, statistics show that 1 out of 4 people will become victims of identity theft. See our recommendations below.

How do we determine your rating? 
If your email has not been found on the Dark Web, that's great news, but it doesn't mean that you can't still become a victim of identity theft.

- Over half of all consumers have had their information exposed.
- 1 in 4 people will experience identity theft either through stolen credentials or from malware installed on their device.

- Many organizations don't report their breach right away and there is no way to know when and if it will be used against you. 

- Keylogging spyware is the #1 method used in identity theft and most are undetectable by anti-virus.

We recommend that you take action to safeguard your identity. See our recommendations below.


Your Recommendations:


  1. Change Passwords Often: We recommend that you change your passwords every six months and avoid using the same one for different accounts.

  2. Get CyberIDLock™ Identity Protection Plan to safeguard your identity and protect you in the event of a breach. 


FOR JUST $14.99 per month.

With your personal information, criminals can send you phishing emails, transfer bank account balances, open accounts in your name, file tax returns, use your credit to make purchases and more.

Here's what CyberIDLock™ can do for you:
We can help safeguard your identity from keylogging spyware, which is used to steal everything you type into your PC or mobile device and is found in a majority of identity theft cases. We can monitor your personal information and alert you of any changes and provide unlimited Dark Web email scans so you can keep up-to-date on the security of your credentials. And in the event that you ever become a victim of identity theft while on our plan, you will receive our white glove, Fully Managed Restoration Service with your own dedicated Recovery Advocate who will assist you every step of the way. Plus a $1,000,000 ID Theft Policy to help with expenses. All this for half of what the industry leader in identity protection charges.

The CyberIDLock™ Plan includes:

Several Facts about Identity Theft you need to know:

  • A major credit bureau recently experienced a breach potentially impacting about 143 million people. 

  • Stolen identity can remain dormant on the Dark Web for months or even years before it is used against you. 

  • Keylogging spyware has been found
    in a majority of breaches. It steals everything you type including
     credit card numbers and other personal information.

  • You can download an invisible keylogger onto your device while clicking on an infected link when:

- Reading emails

- Shopping online

- Using social media

- Simply surfing the web

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