Merchant Breach Protection 

backed by a $500,000 Breach Insurance Policy

Only $00.00/month for members

The costs associated with a breach can be devastating 
to a small business. With CyberIDLock™, you get tools to protect you from a breach plus a $500,000 Breach Insurance Policy for added peace of mind all for
a preferred low monthly fee.
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Small Business Cyber Security Facts:

• More than 70% of cyber attacks target small business 

• 60% of merchants will go out of business shortly after a breach

Better security to help keep you in business

The costs associated with a breach can be devastating to a small business. The CyberIDLock™ Breach Protection Plan adds an important layer of security for your business to protect all of your sensitive data including your banking, personal emails, passwords and customer information from getting into the wrong hands. In addition CyberIDLock™ is back by a highly insured policy at a preferred low monthly cost.



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