Fully Managed Identity Fraud Research, Remediation and Recovery Services

Fully Managed Recovery is part of the CyberIDLock ID Protection Plan. It is provided if you ever become a victim of identity theft. We hope this never

happens to you, but if you suspect identity fraud for any reason, a professional dedicated Recovery Advocate will manage your recovery process to help restore your name and credit to pre-event status. The Recovery Advocate assigned to your case will handle the phone calls, paperwork and the follow-up for you through a Limited Power of Attorney authorization. A full list of your Fully Managed Recovery benefits are listed below.


Who is eligible for the 3G recovery services?  

With your plan, Fully Managed Identity Fraud Research, Remediation and Recovery services extend to three generations of a family (3G).  A qualifying family member means the primary consumer’s spouse or domestic partner, the consumer’s dependents under the age of 25 who have the same permanent address as the consumer, any IRS-qualified dependents, and parents (mother or father) of the consumer who have the same permanent address as the consumer, or, who are registered in a senior assisted living facility, nursing home, or hospice. Services continue to provide coverage for up to 12 months after death for all family members. 

If you would like to speak with a Recovery Advocate or if you need assistance with a lost wallet, please call 1-800-729-0055. 
If you believe you are a victim of identity theft and would like to file a claim, please contact the Insurer at 1-866-IDHelp2 (1-866-434-3572).

Your Fully Managed Recovery Features Benefits include:

Recovery Advocate

  • Highly qualified: FCRA, FACT Act, CITRMS certified, and Licensed Private Investigators

  • A single point of contact for you during the recovery of your identity theft event

  • You will be provided with a direct phone, email and fax number for your dedicated Recovery Advocate

  • Submit disputes on your behalf

  • Criminal investigation assistance and evidence capture

  • Creates law enforcement grade case file



  • ​Personalized plan developed to recover your identity based on the type(s) of fraud that has been perpetrated against you

  • Includes all fraud: medical, financial, criminal identity theft, etc.

  • 3-Bureau Credit Reports as required by the circumstances of your case

  • Additional research with access to billions of public records

  • 12 months of follow-up

Fraud Packet with Limited Power of Attorney

  • Provides important information, resources and all the documents necessary to begin your recovery

  • Allows your Recovery Advocate to work on your behalf

  • Your Recovery Advocate will contact creditors, government offices, collection agencies and any other entity

Identity Care Account

  • Allows a convenient means to track the progress of your identity theft case securely 24/7/365

  • Your Recovery Advocate can securely upload case documents to your account for you to review, print or save to your computer

  • Online access to view your credit report & score

  • Online access to view your credit monitoring alerts

Credit Monitoring Alert

  • Provided to you for the duration of your case and for an additional 12 months following the resolution

  • Receive alerts on new issues which may impact your credit file

Credit Report and Score

  • Provided to you at the outset of your case to benchmark your credit file

Three Generation Identity Theft Solution for the entire family


  • Eligible family members include you, your spouse or domestic partner, dependents through the age of 24 who have your same permanent address, and your parents who are registered in a senior assisted living facility, skilled nursing home, hospice or who have been deceased for twelve months or less. 

Lost Document Replacement


  • Peace of mind that a dedicated certified Recovery Advocate is there to help you recover your lost or stolen documents. 

  • The expert help of your Recovery Advocate is there to help you recover your lost or stolen documents

  • The expert help of your Recovery Advocate will enable you to focus your attention on other important matters

  • Quickly cancel your lost credit cards checks before fraud can occur.