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Subscription / Plan Frequently Asked Questions

What do you do?

We provide all the tools and setup to establish your company, we provide all the tools, proposals, contracts, website and can help publishing you on Google Maps. Everything you need to launch right away without spending months creating everything. Copy/paste everything from job posts to contracts. Secondly, we set up your Google Ads account, so you get qualified leads for many years on autopilot. We apply filters to avoid poor leads and only spend our ads on commercial leads. If you got 5-20 qualified commercial cleaning leads per month on autopilot for the next 5-10 years, allowing you to close multiple cleaning contracts per month, how valuable would this be? Thirdly, you will get lifetime access to our 9-week program, showing you every step for you to build a mill/yr commercial cleaning company in 1-5 years depending on your execution level. Every strategy that built Rick's company (Mastery Cleaning Inc) to over a mill/yr in only 3 years. We also provide 1 on 1 coaching for 9 weeks to keep you accountable and provide support for the next 9 weeks.

What's your success rate?

100% for those who are able to put in the work, but if you expect to grow a business without spending any effort on it, this won't be for them. The return of investment (ROI) is 1000x - 10000x within your lifetime if you executive this on your business. But just by following the strategies on the 9-week program, 96% of our students close on average 4-7 new recurring commercial cleaning contracts by the 9th week of joining the program. This is all organic.

What's the return of investment?

The return of investment (ROI) is 1000x - 10000x within your lifetime if you executive this on your business. If you are able to close 2-6

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